How to Update Your Address in Self Service Banner
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How to Review and/or Update Your Address in Self Service Banner

How to review your record:
Click here to access the Update Address and Phones form in Self Service Banner
1. Review Your Current Address and Phone Number
2. If you need to update your record follow these steps. - Please note that Employees and Work Study students must contact Human Resources dept.

How to update your record:
On the Update Address and Phones - Select Type form:
1. Click 'Current', next to your address (as shown below). 

On the Update Address and Phones form: (as pictured below)
1. Change the 'Valid From This Date to today's date in MM/DD/YYYY format.
2. Please do not put anything in the 'Until This Date' field.
3. Update the 'Address Line 1' with your street address (You may also update other address lines with other relevant address info)
4. Update your Zip Code. Once entered the City, State will update, and the geographic segment will be appended to the 5 digit zip code.
5. Update your School District if you have relocated out of the district listed
6. Review your Primary phone number and update if necessary.
7. Click 'Submit' to complete the update.

Please note, if you are going from Non-Sponsoring to Sponsoring School District,  proof of residency will be required.
Please click here for more information of verification requirements.

This proof must be presented to an Enrollment Central Window at one of our Campuses. Call 610-359-5000 and navigate to Customer Service if you have questions.
The updated address is immediately used for all future mailing, however, tuition will continue to be billed at Non-Sponsoring rates until the requested documentation has been submitted and validated. 

If you would like to update your emergency contact information and snow closing contact information, please click here.

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