Banner 9 Announcement and FAQ
Posted by Bob Hardcastle, Last modified by Bob Hardcastle on 16 August 2018 11:34 AM

The majority of College Staff and a subset of Faculty use Banner administrative functionality on a daily basis.  The Banner system has undergone a major redesign (Banner 9). OIT has been working with more than fifty College staff over the past several months to test the new system.   We are now ready to deploy the new system to all Banner administrative users.

What is changing? Banner 8 Administrative Forms, which are also known as Internet Native Banner or INB.   These forms are accessed by the desktop ‘B’ icon and currently require a unique set of credentials.  

What is not changing? Banner Self Service links that are accessed via delaGATE or the DCCC website. These will be changing gradually over the next several years but are not part of the immediate project. Banner 9 Registration is an example of an upgrade to Banner Self Service.

What is the timeline for this change? The College must decommission the Banner 8 administrative system by December 31, 2018. We are targeting November 2, 2018 to allow for some cushion if needed. No regulatory or functional updates will be available for the Banner 8 administrative system after December 31, 2018, meaning the College will not be able to process essential business functions in the old system after that date.

What will the transition look like? Banner 9 Administrative Pages is a new user interface. You do not need to learn a totally new application. Banner 9 is utilizing the same database as Banner 8. This allows the usage of both Banner 8 INB and Banner 9 Administrative pages in parallel during the transition, which is a major plus for training and adoption. You will also retain your current My Banner and Quickflows in Banner 9.

How will this change benefit the College? The Banner 9 welcome screen offers a “google-like” experience for navigating throughout Banner Admin pages, offering multiple ways to search. Banner Admin pages are transformed, web page-like versions of INB forms. Banner 9 Admin Pages run on any browser or mobile device, and eliminate the need for the often problematic Java client, and the exclusive use of Internet Explorer.

What are the next steps? We will be providing reference materials and training videos, along with hands-on training for all Banner 8 administrative users on all campuses. We will begin targeted communication to those folks over the next several weeks with information on where to access those materials and how to sign up for training. We have over 400 folks to train, so we ask for your cooperation in completing the sign up process as soon as you receive a request to do so.

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