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How to Access Network Drives Post File Migration Using Windows 7
Posted by Nick Perotti, Last modified by Nick Perotti on 26 July 2018 11:09 AM

**NOTE** For security reasons, mapped drives on Windows 7 will only be active until you restart or log off your machine. If you are not on Windows 10, please visit to schedule a time to upgrade.

1.) On your Windows 7 Desktop, look for the icon named Map Network Drives.

2.) Provide your DCCCid in the DCCCid box, as shown above.

3.) Input your delaGATE password in the Password box, as shown above.

4.) Press the Map Drives button.

5.) If successfully authenticated, the window will disappear. You will then press Computer, as shown below.

5a.) If your credentials were not accepted, you will see the following message shown below:

6.) After selecting computer, you should now see your mapped drives, as shown below.

If you are missing the Map Network Drives icon or cannot login to see your mapped drives, please contact the IT Support Center at 610-359-5211

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