What are the tags in on the subject line [Bulk] , [Social Network] and [Marketing] and what do they mean?
Posted by Donald Sloat on 18 May 2018 11:33 AM

Graymail messages are messages that do not fit the definition of spam, for example, newsletters, mailing list subscriptions, social media notifications, and so on. Often times these messages were of use at some point in time, but have subsequently diminished in value. These tags are added to allow for easier mail sorting.

The difference between graymail and spam is that the end user intentionally provided an email address at some point (for example, the end user subscribed to a newsletter on an e-commerce website or provided contact details to an organization during a conference) as opposed to spam, messages that the end user did not sign up for.

The graymail engine classifies each graymail into one of the following categories:

  • Marketing Email. Advertising messages sent by professional marketing groups, for example, bulletins from with details about their newly launched products. - Email Subject Prepended with [Marketing]
  • Social Network Email. Notification messages from social networks, dating websites, forums, and so on. Examples include alerts from:   - Email Subject Prepended with [Social Network]
    • LinkedIn, for jobs that you may be interested in
    • CNET forums, when a user responds to your post.
  • Bulk Email. Advertising messages sent by unrecognized marketing groups, for example, newsletters from TechTarget, a technology media company.  - Email Subject Prepended with [Bulk]

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