Outlook Web Access Overview: Tasks
Posted by Phil Sloat, Last modified by Phil Sloat on 10 May 2018 05:43 PM

Tasks stores tasks that you create or that are sent to you, and also messages that you’ve flagged. When you view your tasks, the default view is Flagged Items and Tasks. You can change that by selecting Tasks in the folder list to the left. For more information about tasks in Outlook Web App, go to Tasks Overview.

Click/Tap each list item below to spotlight the area in the above image.

1. Create a new task by clicking New.

2. Use this column to view flagged items and tasks, or just tasks.

3. List of items that meet the current filter criteria. Click on any item to view it in the reading pane. You can use the controls in the list view to make changes to an item’s status. For example, you can mark a task as complete, or remove a flag from a message.

4. 4. Filters. Select the filter depending on what items you want to see. Tasks and flagged items that don’t have a date associated with them and that aren’t completed will appear only when you select All.

5. 5. The reading pane, where the content of the items you’ve selected is displayed. You can use the controls in the upper corner to make changes to the item if it’s a task. If it’s a message, the controls will be the same as you would see while reading your mail.

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