Outlook Web Access Overview: People (Contacts)
Posted by Phil Sloat, Last modified by Phil Sloat on 10 May 2018 05:40 PM

People is where your contacts are stored. From here, you can find, create, and edit your contacts. Also, you can search for contacts in your organization’s directory. For more information about contacts in Outlook Web App, go to People overview - Outlook Web App.

Click/Tap each list item below to spotlight the area in the above image.

1. Create a new contact by clicking New.

2. The places where you can find contact information.

3. Search. Type a person’s name here to search for them in your contacts and in your organization’s directory.

4. List of all contacts in the current folder.

5. The contact card for the selected person.

6. Actions you can take directly from the contact card. Click on the icons to send an emila or create a meeting request.

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