Outlook Web Access Overview: Calendar
Posted by Phil Sloat, Last modified by Phil Sloat on 10 May 2018 05:40 PM

After your Inbox, the calendar is probably where you’ll spend the most time when using Outlook Web App. For more information about calendars in Outlook Web App, go to Calendar in Outlook Web App.

Click/Tap each list item below to spotlight the area in the above image.

1. Create a new event by clicking New. Print an event by clicking Print. An event can be an appointment, a meeting, or an all-day event.

2. Use the calendars to navigate from one date to another. Shading will show you what day, week, or month you’re currently viewing, and darker shading marks the current date.

3. You can view more than one calendar at a time. This section lets you add other people’s calendars and select which to display.

4. This is another area that you can use to navigate from one day to another. Click on any of the dates to jump to that date. Or click on the arrows on either end to see the dates before or after what’s displayed.

5. The main window, where calendars will be displayed.

6. Select the calendar view you want.

7. Events for the selected day are shown in this pane when the Month view is active.

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