Outlook Web Access Overview: Mail
Posted by Phil Sloat, Last modified by Phil Sloat on 10 May 2018 04:39 PM

When you sign in to Outlook Web App, you’ll go straight to your Inbox. This is where you’ll find your messages. For more information about messages in Outlook Web App, go to Mail in Outlook Web App.

Click/Tap each list item below to spotlight the area in the above image.

1. Create a new message by clicking New.

2. Folders. The folder list includes the folders in your mailbox and Favorites. It may include other folders, such as archive folders. You can collapse this pane by clicking on the folder icon at the top. You can expand and collapse folders in this view by clicking on the triangle icons next to the folder names.

3. Search window. Type what it is you want to search for here, such as the name of a person you want to find messages from, or text that you want to search for to find a particular message.

4. List of messages in the current folder. Each entry in the list view has additional information, such as how many messages there are in a conversation and how many are unread, or if there is an attachment, flag, or category associated with any messages in the conversation. A conversation can have one or more messages. When a conversation is selected, you can delete it, add a flag, or add a category by clicking the icons. At the top of the list view are filters that you can click to quickly find messages that are unread, that include your name in the “To” or the “CC” line, or that have been flagged. In addition to the filters, you’ll see the name of the folder you’re viewing and the view that you’ve selected.

5. The reading pane, where the conversation that you’ve selected is displayed. You can respond to any message in the conversation by clicking the links on the right.

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