How to change your profile picture in Office 365
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How to change your profile picture:
For information on where your picture will show please see this link.

Browse to :

1. Click upload and select your picture. 

2. Click save

or follow the steps below:


  1. Login to Outlook Web Access (OWA) - and type in your email username and click Next

  2. You will be taken to delaGATE login screen where your username will be auto populated. Type in your delaGATE password in password field.

  3. On next screen click No when you are prompted to Stay signed in for better security purposes.

  4. You are successfully logged.

  5. To change profile pictures, click on your name. My accounts option will open with menu to change information regarding your account such as My profile, My account etc.

  6. Hover your mouse over   and you will see that it changes image to   Click the image

  7. Change Photo window will open upon clicking on the icon in step 6. Click on Browse, which will open folder option to import picture or image of your choice.





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