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GroupWise to Outlook: Terminologies and How to access certain functions.
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GroupWise to Outlook: Terminologies and How to access certain functions.


Term in Group-Wise

Description of Feature

Term & Navigation In Outlook

Basic Mail


Folder for receiving new mail




Notification of new incoming mail

Files > Options > Mail > Message Arrival

Quick Viewer

Preview new mail without opening

View > Layout Group > Reading Pane


Resend outgoing mail

Sent Items > Open Mail > Message Tab > Move Group > Actions > Resend this message


Retract mail sent

Sent Items > Open Mail > Message Tab > Move Group >Actions > Recall this message

Note: Successful retraction from recipients mailbox limited by read status of delivered mail

Note: Recipients will be notified that a retraction was attempted

Delay Delivery

Choose to deliver mail at future date/time

New Email > Options Tab > More Options Group > Delay Delivery

High Importance

Flag sent mail as high importance

New Email > Message Tab > Tags Group > High Importance

Save a Draft

Save mail in progress to be completed at a later time

New Email > File Tab > Save

Color Code Mail

Use color to categorize mail

Right‐Click Mail > Categorize > Select Category

Print Mail

Print mail

Right‐Click Message > Quick Print


Flag messages for  later processing

Right‐click Mail > Follow Up

Email Signature

Create a standard signature for outgoing mail

File > Options > Mail > Signatures



Allow specified users view and other permissions to your mail and calendar

File > Account Settings Drop‐Down > Delegate Access

Note: In Outlook, permissions can be delegated at the folder level


Create Folders

Create sub folders to organize your mail

Right‐Click Inbox > New Folder

Favorite Folder

Flag a folder as important or frequently used

Right‐Click Folder > Show in Favorites



Add Attachment

Add an attachment to outgoing mail

New Mail > Message Tab > Attach File

Open Attachment

Open an attached file in received mail

Double‐click on attached file

Note: There is no “Open With” option in Outlook. If file cannot be opened,
save the file and attempt to open outside of Outlook


Create New Task

Create a new task

Home > New Group > New Items > Task


Close Task

Flag a task as completed

Right‐Click on Task > Mark Complete

and Meetings

Posted Appointment

Create an appointment posted only to your calendar

Right‐Click on Day > New Appointment



Create a meeting and invite others to attend

Calendar > Home > New Meeting > New Meeting

Busy Search

Search for open meeting times for all invitees

Calendar > Home > New Meeting > New Meeting > Show Group > Scheduling Assistant

Recurring Meeting

Add additional times and dates for a recurring meeting

Calendar > Home > New Meeting > Options Group > Recurrence

Setting a Reminder

Configure a reminder alert

Open Appointment or Meeting > Options Group > Select Time Dropdown and/or Sound

Reminder Notes

Often used within DCCC areas to indicate personal absences.

Calendar > Home > New Event > Configure event details and recipients to include absence information


Novell GroupWise Address Book

Email address book for DCCC

Home > Find Group > Address Book


Adding Contacts

Add contacts to your address book

Home > New Group > New Items > New Contact

Distribution List

Create a group of recipients that can be used again

Home > New Group > New Items > More Items > Contact Group > Add Members

Frequent Contacts

An area of your address book that contains your frequently used contacts

Home > Find Group > Address Book > Contacts