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Microsoft Teams - FAQ and Reference Materials
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Microsoft Teams

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How to create a New Team in Microsoft Team?

How to build a Chat private with one or more than one person?

How to collaborate in different conversation and/or channels?

How to conduct Live Meeting with individual person or team?

Microsoft Team training videos:

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace that is integrated with Office 365. It gives teams instant access to everything they need in a dedicated hub for teamwork where chat, content, people, and tools live together in Office 365. This guide is designed to help you make the most of Microsoft Teams.

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Microsoft Teams on Mobile Devices


Get started on Microsoft Teams

Learn about teams and channels

Create a new team

Explore the Activity feed in Teams

Explore the Files list in Teams

Overview of apps in Teams

Create an assignment in Microsoft Teams

View all your Teams

Choose a team type to collaborate in Microsoft Teams

Settings and options in Microsoft Teams

How to start a chat in Teams

Chat in Microsoft Teams

Use commands in Teams

Change your picture in Teams

Apps and services

Connect with People on Microsoft Teams

Find and join a team

Start a chat in Teams

Use @mentions to get someone’s attention in Teams

Email someone from Teams

Microsoft Teams tips & tricks

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams FAQ