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How to Clear your Browser Cache in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari
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QUICK TIP: In Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer, you can press CTRL-SHIFT-DEL on the keyboard to quickly access the Clear browsing data window.

**Update: Safari instructions are now included.**


1. Click on the Customize icon in the upper right corner

2. Click on More tools

3. Click on Clear browsing data…

4. Uncheck every box except for Cached images and files

5. Select “the beginning of time” from the Obliterate the following items from drop down box.

6. Click Clear browsing data


1. Click on the Open menu icon in the upper right

2. Click on History

3. Click Clear Recent History…

4. Select Everything from the Time range to clear drop down box

5. Uncheck all the boxes except for Cache

6. Click Clear Now

Internet Explorer

1. Click the Tools icon (the gear) in the upper right corner

2. Click Internet Options

3. Click Delete

4. Uncheck all options except for Temporary Internet files and website files

5. Click Delete


1. Click on the Settings and more icon in the upper right

2. Click Settings

3. Scroll down to Clear browsing data and click Choose what to clear

4. Uncheck all boxes except for Cached data and files

5. Click Clear



1. Click Safari and select Preferences

2. Select the Privacy tab and select Manage Website Data… 

3. Once all your cache appears, in the search box, type and select it.

4. Click Remove. Once removed, click Done.

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