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How to login to the VPN
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Remote users who would like to access their network drive using college provided laptop

1. Do not log in to Novell Account, instead click on “Computer Only login”.   Login using the username Staff and the appropriate password.

2. Connect to Internet. Click on the network connection icon in your System Tray to see available wireless networks.

  • If you are on DCCC Campus - Connect to DCCC – Secure using your Delagate Account and Password associated with it.
  • If you are at Home – Connect to your Wireless connection OR connect using network cable attached to the router.

3. Once you have an internet connection, right click on the GLOBE icon (Global Protect VPN – Virtual Private Network connection- which creates secure connection to college’s network) in the notification area and click Connect from the menu.

4. When prompted, type in your Admin username and password.

5. When you see “Services Connected”, double click on Novell Login icon and login using your Administrative account. You should be able to see your network drives such as T Drive and U Drive.