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Allocated Print Credits
Posted by Donald Sloat, Last modified by Cindy Mumley on 18 March 2016 04:14 PM

Students are granted an initial allocation of 30.0 credits (300  B/W pages) at the start of each semester.

Note: 1 Color Print = 3  B/W Pages.

Additional credits can be purchased in increments of 50 pages (5.0 credits) for $5 at the Learning Commons Information Desk, Room 4501 or from the OIT Helpdesk in Room 4274 (610-359-5211). 


See Printing, Copying and Scanning Charges for Cost and Requesting Print Refunds and Guidelines.


You can view transaction, print job and copy history online at (You must be on the College network (PC or Wireless) to access this link)