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How to connect to the DCCC-Secure wireless network from a mobile device
Posted by Mujtaba Talebi, Last modified by on 10 September 2013 02:52 PM

The steps to connect a mobile device to our DCCC-Secure wireless network differ depending on what device you are using.

For instructions on connecting you Android device, please click here.

For instructions on connecting you iOS device, please click here.

For other mobile devices please refer to these general settings that you have to enter when connecting to the DCCC-Secure network:

WiFi network name - DCCC-Secure

Type of network - 802.1x EAP

EAP method - PEAP

Phase 2 authentication - None/unspecified

CA certificate - None/unspecified

User certificate - None/unspecified


  • Students - DCCCid
  • Employees - DCCCid

Password -

  • Students - delaGATE Password  (Only currently enrolled students will be able to login.)
  • Employees - delaGATE Password (Only active employees will be able to login.)

Guest Users

Guest accounts must use Captive Portal and can only connect to the 'DCCC' SSID (Wireless Network). When you arrive onsite, please open a broswer on your device and you will be prompted to login via a web page. You will receive an email with your username and password automatically once your account has been created. If you do not have an account, you will need to obtain one. DCCC requires that your account be sponsored by a DCCC Employee. 


 dccc_secure-ios-2014-05-23.pdf (306.67 KB)