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Printing, Copying, and Scanning Charges
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Printing Charges | Copying Charges | Scanning Charges

For instructions on Printing, Copying, or Scanning, see the Knowledge Base article Using Print Release Stations

Printing Charges:

Students can apply their 30 Allocated Print Credits (300 B/W pages) for printing, copying, or scanning.  Note: 1 Color Print = 3  B/W pages.


You can check your account balance and transaction history online at

You can purchase additional pages in increments of 50 pages (or 5.0 credits) for $5 at the Learning Commons Information Desk, room 4501, or from the OIT Helpdesk in room 4274 (610-359-5211).

The following charges are in place for printing, copying, and scanning services.

Printing Charges - B/W (default on all printers)

Single-Sided Printing B/W:
Single-sided print jobs are charged .1 credit for every page printed, as shown in the examples below.

1-page print job: .1 credit
2-page print job: .2 credits
3-page print job: .3 credits
4-page print job: .4 credits

Duplex (Two-Sided) B/W Printing:
Duplex (Two-Sided) pages are only charged .1 credit.  Duplex (two-sided) print jobs are charged according to the number of sheets output by your print job.  To confirm that your print job is submitting as Duplex, refer to these instructions for Submitting Your Print Job as Duplex.

You must submit job as duplex for this discount to apply. Charges for odd-numbered duplex jobs are rounded up to the next whole number.

2-page duplex print job: .1 credit
3-page duplex print job: .2 credits
4-page duplex print job: .2 credits
5-page duplex print job: .3 credits

Printing Charges - Color

Single-Sided Printing color:
Single-sided print jobs are charged .3 credits for every page printed, as shown in the examples below.

1-page print job: .3 credits
2-page print job: .6 credits
3-page print job: .9 credits

Duplex (Two-Sided) Color Printing:
Duplex (Two-Sided) pages are charged .3 credits for each side. Duplex Color printing is not discounted.

See Student Color Printing Instructions for details.

Copying Charges - B/W Only

Single-Sided Copying
Copiers automatically output jobs as single-sided unless you specify otherwise. Single-sided copies are charged .1 credit for every page.

1-page copy: .1 credit
2-page copy: .2 credits
3-page copy: .3 credits

Two-Sided (Duplex) Copying
Two-sided (Duplex) copies are only charged for .1 credit.  Refer to these instructions for Outputting your Copy Jobs as Duplex.

Similar to duplex printing, you are charged according to the number of sheets output by your copy job, as shown in the examples below. Odd-numbered jobs round up.

2-page copy, output as one   2-Sided sheet:   .1 credit
3-page copy, output as two   2-Sided sheets:  .2 credits
4-page copy, output as two   2-Sided sheets:  .2 credits
5-page copy, output as three 2-Sided sheets:  .3 credits

Color copying not available.

Scanning Charges

Single-page scans are charged one page.

Multiple-page scanning uses the same charging model as duplex printing and copying.  Below is an example of scan charges:

1-page scan: .1 credit
2-page scan: .1 credit
3-page scan: .2 credits
4-page scan: .2 credits
5-page scan: .3 credits