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Using Print Release Stations
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Printing from Computers | Logging into Print Station | Releasing your Prints | Printing from USB | Scanning | Copying | FAQ

Printing from Computers

In order to print, you must log onto the computer using your delaGATE username (P#) and Password.  You will see a widget that indicates your print balance.  If you do not see this widget, please reboot the computer and login again. If you are unable to login, contact the Office of Information Technology's Support Center at 610-359-5211, room 4274.

Print Release Widget


  1. When you are ready to print, send your document to the printer and check all settings are correct.


  2. Once your print job is sent, you will see a popup that shows details of your print job, click PRINT to continue or CANCEL, as shown below. 

    Print Job Notification

  3. A second popup confirms that your document is being held in a Queue and is ready to be released.   Click "OK."

    Click OK

  4. You can now use a print release station to print your submitted jobs  within the next two hours.  It is recommended that you check your first print job to ensure quality and settings are correct before continuing to print additional jobs. If you need assistance, contact a STAFF member or the IT support center at 610-359-5211. 
  5. Remember to logoff the computer when you are finished using it.
  6.  To print your documents, follow the instructions below for logging in to the Print Release Stations and Releasing Your Prints.


Logging into the Print Release Stations

You can login to the Print Release Stations in one of two ways:  Either swipe your ID card to login or type in your delaGATE credentials.

If you have a DCCCid card, swipe your card to login.
Swipe ID Card to Login



If you don’t have a DCCCid card, you can enter your delaGATE credentials to login by using the following steps.

delaGATE Login Credentials


If you are using the keyboard to login, click anywhere in the username field to select that area, then enter your username (DCCCid number) and click OK or hit Enter.  Then click anywhere in the password field to select that area, and enter your Password into the Password field. 
Click Into Field

Once you have filled out both the username and password fields correctly, click Log In.
Click Login on the touchscreen


Releasing Your Prints

Once logged in, under "Held Print Jobs," you will see a list of jobs waiting to print, if any.  Select the name of the job you’d like to print.  You will see a popup with information about your print job.  Click the “Print” option to release your job for printing or CANCEL the print job and your account will not be charged.

Confirm Job Details

You will see a message that your job has been scheduled to print.

Scheduled to Print

When finished, be sure to Log Out by clicking the Log Out option on the top right of the touchscreen or by clicking the Logout button on the machine.

Log Out when Finished


Printing from USB (thumb) drive 

Important: Printing from a USB drive only works for PDF documents saved in the home (main) folder of the USB drive.  Printing from a USB drive does not work for Microsoft Office documents.  If you are unsure of your document's format or name, please login to a computer to submit your print job.

Follow Above Steps for logging into the Print Station

  1. Insert your USB Drive into the machine's slot.
    Insert USB disk
  2. Click "Document Filing" Tab.  Then click "Ex Data Access," then click "USB Memory."
    Document Filing Ex Data Access USB Memory

  3. Use the arrow keys to locate and select your document from the list of files. 
    Locate File from List
  4. Once you have selected your file, confirm the number of prints.  If you want to print Duplex, select the 2-sided option. 
  5. When ready, click "Print" to release your document.
    Click Print

  6. Please remember to take your usb drive with you and to logoff of the machine when finished.


Before Scanning: Make sure you have a USB disk to use for saving your scanned image.  Please note that scanning to email is NOT enabled for students.

Follow Above Steps for logging into the Print Station.

Insert your USB Disk.
Insert USB Disk


Click the "Image Send" Tab. 
click Image Send


Then Click "USB Mem. Scan" tab.
USB Memory Scan

 If desired, click the FileName and/or File Format buttons to specify the name or format of your scan.  If you don't use these buttons, your scan will be saved as a PDF file with the name "MX-5141" followed by the date time of your scan (for example: MX-5141-20160114-081536.pdf).

Optional Save Options


To begin your scan, Press the device's Start Key
Black and White Scan Button

The next popup screen lets you tell the scanner if you're scanning a multi-page document. 

If you have additional pages to scan, click "Configure," insert the next page, and click the device's Start Button Again.  

When you are finished scanning, click "Read-End" to complete your Scan.
Click Read End


You will see a message "Sending Data has been completed."
Sending Data Complete


It is now save to remove your thumb drive and log off the machine.  Your scanned document has now been saved to your thumb drive.


Follow Above Steps for logging into the Print Station


1. If desired, choose the Two-sided Copy option.


2.  Additionally, you can change the magnification ratio of the copy and/or the paper size.

Additional Options


3. When you're ready to copy, click the Black and White Start Button
Start Key

Note: color copying is not enabled for student use.

For additional instructions on copying, see the attachments at the bottom of this article.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • What happens when I run out of pages?
    If have used your allocated pages, you will get a popup message like the one below telling you that your printing is denied. See Printing, Copying and Scanning Charges. 

    printing denied


  • How can I purchase additional pages?
    You can request additional pages at the Learning Commons Information Desk or at the Office of Information Technology's Support Center at 610-359-5211, room 4274  Additional pages are sold in increments of 50 pages (5.0 credits) for $5. 


  • I can't login to the Print-Release Station.
    Please confirm that you are able to login to the Student Computers using your delaGATE username (P#) and Password.  If you are unable to login, contact the Office of Information Technology's Support Center at 610-359-5211, room 4274.


  • How many free pages do I get per semester?
    Each current student is allocated 30 credits (300 pages) per semester.  For more information on printing charges, see this article: Printing, Copying, and Scanning Charges.


  • How do I know how many pages I have left?
    You can check our account balance and transaction history online at


  • I sent something to the printer, but it is not in the queue when I logged into the printer.
    Try using a different computer to re-submit your print job(s).  Or try rebooting the computer and re-submitting your print job(s).


  • If I did not release my documents or I cancel a document before printing it, will my account be charged?
    No.  Your account is only charged once you release your documents at a Print Release station.



  • My printout doesn’t look as expected.  Can I get refunded?
    No,  Try using Print Preview to review your documents before sending them to the printer.


  • Can I copy or print in color?
    At this time, color copying or scanning is not available for students on Print-Release stations. However, Color printing is now available in the Common printing areas. See Student Color Printing.

  • How can I make sure that my job prints as duplex (two-sided)?
    Most DCCC student computers are configured to automatically print as duplex.   If you want to confirm that your print job is submitted as duplex, do the following:
    From Microsoft Office, Confirm the "Print on Both Sides" option is selected from within the print screen, as shown below:
    Duplex Printing in Office

    From other applications, confirm that the "EcoPrint" option is selected in your Printer Preferences.  Click the Preferences button to open Printer Preferences.
    Click the Preference Button

    Confirm that the Eco-Print option is selected within the Printing Shortcuts tab.
    Eco Print Default
  • How can I make sure that my copy jobs output as 2-Sided (Duplex)?
    From the Copy Screen, click the Two-Sided button.
    2 Sided Copy

    Then choose the appropriate two-sided output option shown below.
    Two Sided Output Options


 how_to_copy_pages_without_cutting_off_text.pdf (331.02 KB)
 how_to_copy_two-sided.pdf (285.13 KB)