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E-Mail Archive - F.A.Q
Posted by Donald Sloat, Last modified by Donald Sloat on 18 May 2018 12:31 PM

Frequently Asked Questions about the E-Mail Archive System:

Why is my GroupWise data being archived?

The email archive system has been installed for several reasons. Some reasons include:

1.eDiscovery Compliance. Mandated by Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure. This allows email to be discovered as part of litigation
2. Reduced potential for data loss. Archive is not dependant on local workstation.
3. Accessibility. Accessible from anywhere using web browser.
4. Reduce cost by moving infrequently accessed email to lower cost storage

What data is being archived from Email?
Mail/Calendar Appointments/Notes/Tasks and Attachments

How long is data stored in the archive?

Items moved to the Trash are stored for 365 days and automatically purged.
All other items are stored for 2 years from the date of archive.

How do I access my archive?
Follow the steps which can be found by clicking here.

Can I access the archive from my Outlook Client or Outlook Web Acces?
No. The archive is only accessible via the website -

Will I need another username and password to access my archive?
No. Use your email address and delaGATE password to login. The system does not support single sign on at this time.

When are my messages archived?
Messages are archived 14 days after they are received. During the 14 day window you should file the message in its appropriate cabinet or delete the item.

What happens when I moved messages to folders or delete messages after 14 days?
If you decide to delete or move the message after it has been archived, it will only show in the trash/cabinet folder on your client mailbox. The archive will show the message in the location that it was on the date/time the archive process took place.

Why doesn't my Trash Folder empty?
Your trash will only delete and purge once the trash folder has been archived.

Will my folders show up in the archive?
Yes. Your folders appear as they do in your Outlook client. Items in folders in Outlook will appear in the same folder in the archive system, as long as they were moved into the folder during the 14 days period. Anything moved after the 14 days will remain in your mailbox. Items moved between folders will also remain in the original location at time of archive.

What happens if my employee email address changes?
The archive from your new email address and old email address are merged. This will happen as part of the email change process.

Are departmental email boxes archived?
Yes, all email accounts are archived.

My archive is empty. Whats going on?
By design, when you access your archive, no messages are loaded until you select the folder you wish to view.

What happened to my old email?
 The email remains in your archive for up to 2 years at which point it is purged.

Can messages in the archive be restored to my inbox?
You can forward the message from the archive to your inbox. You cannot restore the message. The forwarded copy will show up as a new email and be re-archived for an additional 2 years.

Who can access my archive?
Access to your archive is governed by the DCCC Email Privacy Policy.

E-mail Considerations:
People express thoughts, opinions, and sentiments that would not be revealed in traditional writing.
Tone has the potential of being misinterpreted.
Statements may be taken out of context.
Messages are easily copied and forwarded to many people.
Best practice is to delete any mail that you do not wish to retain (longer than mandated eDiscovery period) before it moves to the mailbox archive (within 14 days).